segunda-feira, maio 11, 2009

Picasso em 3D

Lena Gieseke, converte o famoso quadro de Picasso "Guernica", num fabuloso exercício artístico em 3D. Todo o quadro se vai transformando lentamente cada imagem como que ganha vida própria, num exercício plástico que considero único em termos de engenho e arte e muita, mas muita imaginação.
"Guernica" ganha vida e ao mesmo tempo um relevo que penso que nos era desconhecido até então.
Parabéns Lena Gieseke!
Aqui vai um pouco da biografia desta grande artista.
After growing up in Osnabrück, Germany, Lena finished a Bachelor in Computer Graphics at the University of Koblenz, Germany in 2004. With the support of a DAAD-scholarship she transferred to the University of Georgia, USA and there she completed a Master in 3D Computer Animation in May 2007. 'A 3D Exploration of Picasso's Guernica' was part of her thesis. Lena loves art and is quite a technical person as well and she is interested in projects that combine those two skill sets. But not only her academic and professional life have led to work like the Guernica animation but also her personal interest in history and politics. Furthermore intercultural learning has always played a major role in Lena’s life; so far she lived for a year in Malaysia, one in Italy and four years in the USA.
Vejam então incrível exercício de arte e imaginação:

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